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Welcome to Global-HR-Solutions, your dependable training provider in Nigeria.

Today, more than ever having a great skilled force gives you a competitive edge. This is why there is no better time to train and develop your employees.
We understand the challenge of running a business, so we have meticulously designed learning solutions to help raise the overall performance of your staff and adjust their introspection with your organizational goals.

Our expertise addresses the needs of SME companies, Government sector organisations and Multinationals.

Serving Nigeria
Human Resource training and development courses can be delivered at the Global-HR-Solutions Centre in Lagos or at your business site.
When Global-HR-Solutions executes your HR-training, you can be assured that your staff will obtain bespoke training from qualified consultants who have hands-on work experience highly relevant to the courses they provide.

Top HR Training

  • Management and Leadership

    The skill of your management team plays a significant part in the success or failure of your company. Their guidance and assistance is an effective source towards boosting the aspirations and self-assurance of your employees...
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  • Business Skills

    It is essential for both management and employees to have a better understanding of the tools required to professionally represent your company ...
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  • Interpersonal Skills

    Being in business requires some form of human interaction. You need to have confidence in the ability of your staff to effectively engage and build rapport in any situation or environment. Building their interpersonal skills enables them to present and converse with clarity and professionalism. ...
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Employment Law/HR

The employment law/HR courses are made to ensure your employees are capable of handling conflicts professionally. These courses are delivered by experienced instructors who are equipped with current legislative changes.

Benefits of Employment Law/HR training
• Conflict handling skills
• Action steps to take towards handling conflicts professionally
• Builds employer/employee relationship
• Equips delegates on how to look out for conflict warning signs

Employment Law/HR Training Programmes
• HR Laws / regulations
• Internal investigations training
• Handling grievance
• Harassment and bullying
• Sickness absence
• Maternity/paternity leave
• Diversity
• Equal opportunities

Call us on 303-340-4711, +234-8032002369, +234-8033974252 to discuss how we can help you increase the employment law/HR knowledge of your employees.

Our Training Curriculum 2014

The idea for service delivery in today's highly competitive marketplace, as an optional platform is where the customers are spoilt for choice and may demand more than just better product features, lower prices and ease of getting the product or service. After all, these benefits could be easily replicated by any other company, or improved upon by competitors with deeper pockets and more resources.

2014 Training Curriculum: Read more

Company News

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